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"My favorite thing about West
Side Main Street is the weiner dog race!"
Leslie, 14
"The possibilities for growth, revitalization, and personal contribution!" John, 60

Public Art

West Side Main Street commissioned Charly Jupiter Hamilton to paint a mural on Washington St. West and installed public art into the vacant Staats building. 

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Farmers Market

West Side Main Street understands the value of fresh and local produce within communities. We provided grant funds to the West Side Farmers’ Market and support the local food initiative, SAGE; just two of the many programs we’re involved in.

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Small Business

Local entrepreneurship is supported by small-scale family-owned businesses. West Side Main Street has helped attract over 40 businesses to the West Side, creating over 200 new jobs.

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Historic Buildings

West Side Main Street houses over 20 historic buildings in its district, like Staats Hospital and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. Preserving our history is important, which is why West Side Main Street has invested over $200,000 in restoration to date.

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Wiener Dog Race

The wiener dog race brings over 1,000 people to our neighborhood every summer. We have raised over $80,000 in fundraising events that is used for program development. 

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Local Eats

Mi Cocina de Amor


711 Bigley Ave
Charleston, WV 25302
(304) 205-5461
Owners Frank and Julia Gonzales are dedicated to playing a role in the revitalization of the West Side. For two years the authentic Mexican restaurant has soared to one of the top eateries in Charleston. The uniqueness of this establishments comes from the exciting approach the company takes at executing quality, Mexican cuisine, and the hospitality, which is unlike any in the city. Mi Cocina de Amor has become an anchor on the West Side, and we’re sure you’ll love every item they have to offer!


Magic Island Park


101 Kanawha Boulevard W.
Charleston, WV 25301
Opens Daylight, Closes at dusk

Cato Park


200 Baker Ln
Charleston, WV 25302
(304) 348-6860
Open 8am – 5pm Monday thru Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Public Art

Gallery 64

915 Quarrier Street, Suite 1
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 348-8105

“Wonder Mural” by Charles Jupiter Hamilton


216 Washington St. W.
Charleston, WV 25302